In the market since 1998, located in Curitiba, capital of Paraná state, Metalúrgica Voigt exclusively produces ductile iron manholes covers and grates, being a specialist in the market. Producing on an industrial scale, according to ABNT standard NBR-10160, it serves many market segments, including the development of custom covers and grates, upon request.

Breaking up paradigms, Metalúrgica Voigt is a pioneer in the use of induction electric fusion system and in the use of machines and equipment of modeling, molding and deburring, with a high level of automation. The use of these technologies allows the application of modern casting techniques in the area of manholes cover and grids, ensuring high-quality production and resulting in process and product reliability.

We keep stock of the products to meet the demands and we can do the inventory management for the customer. The material withdrawal can occur according to the needs of the job.

Focusing on the needs of the customer, we have qualified professionals in the commercial area to offer products and solutions to meet all the requirements.